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Sun Life Insurance

           Most of us do not think about having our lives protected until we reach the senior citizen age which is around 60 years old already. That is when we start getting sickly and our children starts having their own families and we can not rely on anyone else but ourselves and our insurance, if we have one. Some, as they grow older worry about being a burden to their children when they grow old because they see that their children are struggling with their lives as well.

            Sun Life Insurance caters to people who does not want to worry about the future and does not want to be a burden to their families. It offers insurance to different age levels each having tailored policies depending on your needs.

            If you are aged 50 to 75 years and you worry about the increasing utility bills but you are no longer that strong to work overtime to earn enough, Sun Life offers insurance for Over 50’s. For as long as you are within this age bracket, your application is accepted. This gives you a monthly premium that increases up to 5% each year for a maximum of 20 years. If in case you die early, you do not have to worry about your children having to spend for you as they give the sum of your premiums in full for as long as you have been paying your plan for the past two years.

            However we turn against the idea, we can not avoid it. Everyone dies. Most elder people, once they reach the age of bracket of 50 to 80 years, they start talking about leaving their family behind. They start accepting the fact that we all end up dying and it only differs on when and how we die. Sad to think, even in death, human expenses still exist. We do not want to leave our family behind with all the funeral bills of course.

            Sun Life Insurance provides a Funeral Plan as well for those who are aged 50 to 80 years. It covers assistance to your family who may be struggling when you leave, immediate assistance like transfer of the deceased from home through the resting place, arrangements for the funeral and cremation, payment of disbursements and a dignified resting place. So for your family who may be mourning by then, the last thing that Sun Life Insurance would want them to do is to worry about you. So they make sure that everything is well taken care of.

            With Sun Life Insurance though, you do not have to be old or dying to avail of their protection. They also provide insurance for those aged 18 to 59 years. It is called their Easy Cover.

            Easy Cover includes cover if in case you get diagnosed with a serious illness and a full cover as well if in case you may have to leave your family. Your cover must end at the age of 70 and if you were not able to avail of it at all, you get your cash sum in full.

            Guarantee yourself a peaceful rest and your family worry-free. Get Sun Life Insurance.

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